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In India  about 75 percent of the total population depend upon agriculture. The traditional subsistence agriculture should be motivated with entrepreneurship development in farming system may improve economic and livelihood development of the farmers. The cost benefit ratio of agricultural produce by farmers should be improved by suitable subsidy for agricultural inputs to framers and support price of farm produce by the government. Perfect agricultural marketing model should be developed by the proper understanding of the state and central government to stabilize agricultural production market price. Introduction of agricultural base small and cottage industries in rural agriculture may give value added like food processing of farm produce. Agri-clinics and agri- business scheme should be implemented in rural area for better employment for rural people.

We are trying to provide better livelyhood for the rural farmers. We are continuing a project name as "Model Village" where there are so many activities involved for the betterment of Farmer's Living Standard and keeping the environment safe. We are looking for donation for the said project from various Govt. & Non Govt. organizations as well as individuals too. You can donate us for the project to the Bank Account mentioned bellow.

SBI Savings Bank Account no- 33736553852,
State Bank of India Branch - KHARAGPUR,
IFSC : SBIN0000202