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Keeping these views following objectives may be undertaken by GREEN WORLD INNOVATION AND WELFARE CENTRE  a  Non Government Organization     to meet the  sustainable  development and better agricultural productivity for leavingbings   of our country.

A. Restoration of  Soil and plant health  by diagnosis of soil, water and plant health and use 0f suitable amendment and balanced  plant nutrients for sustainable soil fertility maintenance and crop production.
B. Preparation and use management of enriched organic manure and vermicompost for organic farming, sustainable maintenance of soil health and quality production of food, fibre and fuel . 
C. Introduction of legume crop like pulses and oilseeds in intensive crop rotation to increase fixation of organic nitrogen and maintain ecological balance of soil and atmosphere.  .
D.Introduction and management of Agro forestry system of cultivation in arid and dry land area to minimize green house gases and promote utilization of wasteland.
E. Development and management of technology to minimize ground water depletion promote rainwater harvesting and maintain sustainable productivity of the watersheds. 
F. Popularization of precision farming by using drip irrigation, mulching (organic and plastic) to preserve soil moisture, herbicide to control weeds, organic manure and nutrients to increase crop yield and   low cost green house to produce more crop yield under extreme weather condition (dry land, high rainfall and snowfall at -higher altitudes) for improving crop production to feed over increasing population of the country.
G. Development of nutrition garden by growing fruit and vegetables crops like papaya, citrus, banana, guava, jackfruit, mango, sopota, carrot, beet, soybean, etc. and medicinal plants like thankuni, Tulsi, Pudina, Susuni, Bramhi, Turmeric, Ginger and Kulekhara.
H. Diversification of cropping system to horticulture cultivation especially in low rainfall and dry land areas and medicinal plant in waste land.        
I. Use of portable, modern farm implements and machineries for small holdings for efficient agricultural operation by farmers.
J. Value addition through proper harvesting, grading, packaging, storage, processing and marketing of the crop produce.. 
K. Development and promotion of skilled with self-help group small and marginal farmers for sustainable modern agriculture and food production to support national food security mission.
L. Restoration of eco-friendly environment for the living beings.
M. Health, education, social and economic development of the communities.
N. Motivation of the village people for the Rural Development as a mission of the organization.
O. Motivation and training of the village Artisan to develop the in – built skill.
P. Application of Science & Technology in meeting the basic needs of Rural Development.